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Experience the path to true freedom by scheduling a free, 40 minute Discovery Call. Together, we will assess your ailments and find the right, customized path for you to experience permanent relief.


Simply click "Book It" below to begin your journey of self-improvement and healing with a free consultation. I'll help you discover what program you need to change your thinking.


Overcome your issue without the years of therapy. Resolution and personal freedom in 30 days. Actual results.


The longer it persists, the more we resist what our life could be.


  • Fill out the online form - what is the most important thing that needs to change in your life?

  • Helpful emails leading to the session 

  • 1x2 hour RTT Hypnotherapy session via Zoom

  • Your own unique, personalized 20 minute life-time hypnosis track that you are required to listen to for 21 days. You can listen anytime you want thereafter.

  • A comprehensive follow-up email after the session, including old beliefs vs. new ones, your story, and what the transformation looks like for you based on your needs and desires.

  • 8 powerful Modules total call to keep momentum and discover: 

    • Exactly step-by-step how to change your life quickly

    • Upgrading can be woven right into your daily life

    • Noticeable changes immediately

    • Where you are regarding outcome

    • Exploring any shifts of perspective and action 

    • Unearthing best solutions based on needs and desires

    • Eliminate old beliefs

    • Never stay stuck when you follow these LAWS of the Universe that work for 100% of people, 100% of the time


This Option is Recommended For:

  • Confidence / self-esteem, public speaking, giving a speech, taking exams, smoking, phobias, giving great interviews, improving a skill set, motivation, concentration & focus

  • Line up what you want with what you believe.


Please note:

  • Most often clients need 2 - 4 sessions to deal with the issue once and for all and this is usually uncovered during the session.

  • I simply charge a smaller fee for all additional 2-hour RTT sessions to get to the root of the issue and solve it.



  • If you believe you may need or want more than one session, I highly recommend my Exclusive Transformation package. This will allow you to obtain more RTT sessions at reduced rates. You’ll also receive coaching benefits throughout to keep you on track, accountable and motivated. 


Option to upgrade:

  • Want to get serious about changing your life? Opt to upgrade to the 10-week Exclusive Transformation package after your first session.


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