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Purchase a recording that doesn't expire. Here you will find 15-20 minute recordings aimed to help you relax your mind and simultaneously transform your mindset - and life. 


Relax & Win Recording

  • Let your body relax the right way with this already done for your expert recording.

  • A hypnotic spoken recording accompanied with known relaxing musical frequencies.

  • Based on hundreds of clients' and students' success after extensively testing different strategies.

  • Teaches patience, confidence, and awareness and the power to dramatically change your life when listened to consistently. 

  • Only 15 minutes a day to upgrade your mindset and get results.

  • Manifest your heart's desires by replenishing your soul - meditation and deliberate focus has been proven to help us reduce stress and increase mental clarity and focus.

  • Feel how good it is to be in your own skin.

  • This recording has handpicked quality information, gathered from some of the best-known meditators and influencers.

  • Decision-making and quality of life improve.

  • While you make these concepts familiar, fear disappears and you move towards better relationships, life experiences and career choices.

  • At the end of the day - triggering the brain’s relaxation response is the only way to induce better sleep.

  Custom Recording

  • Have the luxury of upgrading yourself to how YOU SEE FIT by a transformational recording expert!

  • Fill out the specific form describing exactly what you would like.

  • Listen to your 20-minute recording every day for 30 days - input is far more important than output.

  • Extremely comprehensive recording based on highly intuitive downloads and YOUR specific wants and needs.

  • Get what you want REGARDLESS of where you are at in life.

  • Based on the Laws of the Universe this has no choice but to work for every single person who implements their recording daily.

  • Experience phenomenal changes beyond what you asked for. Witness your power.

  • Uses certain frequencies and your desires - your subconscious will change without you having to try or do more.

  • Manifest your heart's desires by replenishing your soul.

  • Meditation and deliberate focus has been proven to help us reduce stress, increasing mental clarity, focus and drive.

  • Change your mind in this way and watch your life change.

  • Questions? Book a free "Discovery Call" and we will clarify everything including your goals, over the phone.

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