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LEVEL UP - 30 Days



Overcome your issue right away and start living the life you actually desire.  


This Program offers resolution and personal freedom in 30 days. Actual results.


The longer what you don't want persists, the more you are just resisting what your life could be.


  • 1x2.5 hour deep RTT Hypnotherapy session via Zoom

  • Helpful emails leading to the session 

  • Your own unique, personalized 20 minute life-time hypnosis track that you are required to listen to for 21 days. You can listen anytime you want thereafter.


​This Option is Recommended For:

  • Confidence / self-esteem, public speaking, giving a speech, taking exams, smoking, phobias, giving great interviews, improving a skill set, motivation, concentration & focus, and range of motion.

  • Lining up what you believe with what you want.


Please note:

  • Occasionally clients need 2 - 4 sessions and may be required for a complex issue as will be determined in your consultation.  Sometimes this isn't apparent until our first RTT session, in which case I will inform you of your additional requirements then.

  • Sessions include regression to get to the root of the issue and solve it forever.


Option to Upgrade:

  • If you believe you may need or want more than one session, I recommend my Exclusive Transformation immersion course under the tab Transform Now.

  • This will allow you to obtain more RTT sessions at reduced rates, receive coaching benefits AND enroll in the course. In following the lessons, you will be doing exactly what it takes to get what you want, in the way you want, lifetime access to reuse the course, and a tracker keep you motivated, accountable... and ultimately happier. 

Change Your Life Now

If you are ready to get started in living the life you desire and booking your RTT Session + Recording - please select the "Purchase Program Here" button and you will be guided to the Formal & Confidential Intake Form:


"I received a focused, specific and targeted recording that I can’t live without! Honestly, since I’ve started my whole state of being has been more relaxed and confident. I was surprised at the immediate results and overall well-being that this has created in my life! With the perfect pace, tone, and rhythm Carolyn has guided my mental state toward a better place. My relationships and those around me have even noticed that I’m much calmer."

~ Jessica, Veteran Device Representative

"2 months ago, I approached Carolyn and addressed the problems that I was facing. She addressed the problems I'd been facing. I had been suffering from Anxiety for a couple of years and panic attacks seemed to worsen after every bout. I tried therapy for a brief amount of time but since it did not help me I had taken a break from it. I did a lot of research on hypnotherapy and studied about its pros and cons and failed to find a single con. After my last panic attack, I decided that I needed help from someone like Carolyn and set up an appointment. 


Before the session, I was asked a few questions and then the session began. It was the best hour of my life probably. I forgot the last time I felt so relaxed and was actually at peace with myself. The session was so helpful that I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it and would suggest them to just give it a try. All my anxiety issues seem to have vanished and you could see the results in the first week itself. All my friends around me ask how I have changed over the past months as I seem much happier now. All of this is just after one session!! I have not only let go of my anxiety and sadness but also of my Vaping habit because the session has made me much stronger. 

If you listen to the recordings of the session religiously, your envisioned goal isn't far away.

I cannot thank Carolyn enough for helping me through this rough phase of my life."

~ Sushan, Aerospace Engineer 

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