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Manifest Mr. Right 

Manifested my True Love from 0 prospects in COVID within 8 months

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Why Me?

Helping working women around the world find the perfect man for them while removing blocks and baggage, finding freedom in their authentic selves.

Meet Carolyn

Your Certified Coach

I’m a 40 year old Mom of 1 who manifested her dream guy in under 8 months. 


I always knew I would get married. I wanted a man that could challenge me, love and adore me to my core, and who I respected and had the most fun with. Passion, friendship and respect - or nothing.


I threw out the old “there are no good guys” belief and rapidly changed my mindset and energy like a freight train that couldn’t slow down. Most importantly, I was able to do this while working my full-time job, taking multiple vacations and starting a business.


I am so passionate about helping other single women looking for their perfect match to achieve this wildly beautiful dream that manifesting can provide without sacrificing our freedom.


Results From Clients


Rachel A.
Professional Cleaner

Met my husband in 3 months!


Had gurus telling her to use dating tactics that felt uncomfortable.


I helped her tweak one or two things making her mindset and actions effective and congruent, and she had her pick of great, interested guys.  


Marie G
Account Manager

Before: tried every dating site


After: Created a new high-level of confidence within her and before she knew it, she was happily dating, getting to know a few great guys! 

Pursued by men her type in under 8 weeks.


Mila N
Chef’s Assistant

Single to In a Relationship in 9 weeks


I didn’t even make it to the end of the program before my soulmate popped into my life. I was completely in my own world at Home Depot and he asked if I needed help - he didn't even work there and we’ve been inseparable ever since. You won’t find a better dating program than this one  (trust me, I’ve tried a few).

Loving Couple

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Be sure to see my FAQ to find answers to common questions. 

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